Vocational Training Centers

The Project currently operates two vocational training centres (carpentry and sewing) where students from the community participate in 6 and 12-month courses to learn these valuable skills. In addition to their practical training, students also undertake coursework to assist them in starting a small business. Students are offered loans with our Micro credit scheme Program. (Sewing machine and cash for materials) at the completion of their courses to purchase equipment in order to start their own business. This has been a powerful initiative at the project and has successfully seen many students empowered to run their own business in Mwandi. The groups meet monthly (or more frequently) to encourage one another in their savings

The Carpentry Centre will be undergoing some changes in the coming year, with an expected increase in productivity due to a high demand for the quality goods that can be produced with our machinery. It will remain a vocational training centre, but in addition to this it will hopefully become a more significant income generating project through its sales of goods and services to the Mwandi community.

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