Social Support Programs

• Clothing Distribution

One of the greatest needs for vulnerable children in the Mwandi community is the provision of clothes. The Project facilitates a clothes distribution day from within its precinct which is joyfully received by all children from the sections of Mwandi.

• Blanket Distribution

Each winter, the Project gives out over 155 high quality blankets to vulnerable children and families from Mwandi. Blankets are locally sourced and much needed for children whose families struggle to provide some of their basic needs. You can read more about this Program here and you may like to consider using this brochure to organise a blanket fundraiser this winter through your local community.

• Counselling Services

The Project now employs a full-time counsellor (Giblet Siame) to help deal with the many issues that arise in children as a result of poverty and vulnerability (abuse, grief, self-esteem, abandonment). Giblet works with a team of three qualified volunteer counsellors to implement the counselling services. He also facilitates workshops in Mwandi and surrounding villages around issues of children’s rights, health, couples counselling, and others.

• Medical Program

The OVC Project is excited to have an ongoing relationship with Beit Cure Hospital in Lusaka. We  send children to receive treatment for a variety of different medical conditions. Special needs children receive physical therapy, and others undergo medical interventions for physical deformities and other illnesses. You can read more about this Program and contribute to this valuable work through our donations tab.

• Emergency Family Support

The Project provides emergency assistance to families who find themselves unexpectedly destitute and who require a higher level of support than our other Programs manage.

You can contribute to any of these Social Support Services through the donations tab on the website. Please make a note of where you would like your money to be directed so we can make sure it supports the Program that you feel most strongly about. In 2018, our Social Support Services had over 2000 interactions with the Mwandi community. These services are valued and necessary and we’d love you to partner with us in them if you are able.

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