Plans for 2019

• Our head counsellor will develop and implement education sessions in Mwandi and surrounding areas based on issues of children’s rights, health, couples counselling and others.
• Continue encouraging men and women in the community to engage with our vocational training opportunities.
• Increase our production of furniture and services available in the community through the carpentry centre to maximise its income generating possibilities.
• Staff training – First aid and fire prevention training.
• All committee members (education, nutrition and social support) to undergo monthly training and support.
• Sustain the number of children on Nutrition Program and all other Programs.
• Increase Education Support Program.
• Continue to build a productive relationship with the United Church of Zambia with the goal of nurturing its capacity to exercise more leadership over the Project.
• Child Centered Development training in the Mwandi Community to increase our focus on addressing some of the social and economic issues that our children have to deal with in their homes and communities.

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