KT Newsletter No 2

KT Newsletter No 2

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Dear Friends,

I really really, really like Lego. There, I’ve said it and I’m not taking it back. I’ll turn 35 in November this year and I’m certain that in some circles I would be considered far too old to like Lego as much as I do. But I can’t help it.

Lego has been my favourite toy for as long as I can remember. The thing I love most about it is that it is so simple. It’s a bunch of ordinary little pieces that were designed to connect with other ordinary little pieces in order to create something magical – something that brings joy and colour to the world. I’m inspired by Lego as I go about my days over here in Mwandi. On my own, I am an ordinary little piece. But I was created to connect with others and be part of something much bigger than myself. A big part of my role here is to remind our staff at the OVC Project that they were created to connect… and that it’s only when we connect as a team of ordinary people that we will find ourselves part of something magical. I’m excited to be seeing little connections happening around the Project… and as we work as a team, some pretty great things are happening…

Children who are hungry and sometimes living under the burden of abuse continue to be fed food and love by our team of extraordinary staff and volunteers. Ordinary people are connecting together every day to create something beautiful.

Clothes distribution happened in March. Ordinary people donated clothing from all over the place and in doing so connected themselves to our Mwandi community. Ordinary items of fabric connected with ordinary people in need and brought relief and joy.

Labor Day Celebrations saw our Staff honoured for their hard work and dedication in a ceremony organised by the District Commissioner’s office. Our staff connected with government staff to celebrate under the trees at the primary school. There was singing and dancing… I was reminded yet again how little rhythm I have and how terrible my dance moves are!

Three children were sent to Beit Cure Hospital in Lusaka through our medical program. They were connected with medical professionals… connections that brought freedom from pain and renewed hope for the future.

The OVC Project continues to work at developing its connection with the farm in order to foster a mutually beneficial partnership. I sat down this week and had some time with Thannie (our farm supervisor) and he was excited to share his vision for the farm with all of you. He is very enthusiastic about the ongoing possibilities of contributing to the Pork market in Zambia, and feels that the farm has the capacity to access more of this market with its product. We have sold pork to Majoru Investment and Zambeef Masterpork with success, and there is a willingness for ongoing relationships to happen with both of these companies. To that end, Thannie has asked if anyone is willing to connect with the farm to purchase a new Boar so that further breeding can happen in the near future. In addition to this, we are looking for funds to purchase 500 more point of lay chickens.

Thannie strongly feels that our pork and chicken products have the capacity to be good income generators for the project if we manage them well.

Edward has just returned from a CWM conference in Mauritius where he was connecting with other missionaries and sharing stories from the OVC Project. Please pray for the relationships he formed there. He left Mwandi very excited about the possibility of finding more people to partner with who share our vision, so we pray that the connections he made bear some fruit for our work here.

The Mwandi community will be facing a huge challenge this year with the vast majority of crops having failed due to a drought in Western Province. Crop yields are the worst that have been seen in decades. As a Project and a Community, we will be relying on people choosing to connect with us to help us continue to outwork our vision for the orphans and vulnerable children of Mwandi. World Renew estimates that the number of children requiring the assistance of the OVC Project could double in the coming year due to the scarcity of food. As a leadership team we still believe good things can come… but we know that we can’t do it alone.

Blanket distribution will happen in the coming month. Please consider whether you’d like to connect with the Mwandi community by purchasing a blanket for $15.

It’s getting pretty chilly here… I busted out a jumper for the first time this week!

We are seeking Sponsorship for Kachana Samatondo at Sefula Special School (for the vision impaired).. It would be $240 x 3 times a year.

A school class, a few friends, or Home Group could Fundraise to provide for Kachana.

On a personal note, I am getting happier and more content here every day. I have become great friends with Dr. Paul Evans and his wife Alicia. Paul is a missionary vet from America, and they are here with their three kids. Paul has been doing an artificial insemination project in partnership with World Renew and has been able to provide some excellent education to our farm staff (and the community in general) in the course of that work. Alicia and I go walking together most mornings and chuckle at all the funny things that happen in the course of our days here. I am beyond grateful for their presence here… we envision many laughs and many BBQs in our future together in Mwandi.

Something wonderful is built every time we choose to connect our lives with the lives of others. At the end of this newsletter there’s a bunch of stuff listed that we are searching for funds for in order to keep doing the work we do. We’d love you to consider whether any of these are ways that you can connect with us over here in Mwandi. But more than your finances, we would value your prayers as we outwork God’s vision for the orphans and vulnerable children of Mwandi. May we all be changed as we seek to connect our lives to God, who desires to create something beautiful with each of us. Thank you so much for connecting your life with us in Mwandi. I am inspired to work alongside each and every one of you.

Stay tuned for my next newsletter where I’ll tell you why I love rollercoasters…  kt xo

If you would like to donate to the OVC Project through PayPal you can do that from our website (mwandiovc.com). Please leave us a note in PayPal if you would like your donation to go towards any specific area of need, otherwise we will put money where it is most urgently needed.

The Project is seeking financial support for the following items:

We are seeking sponsorship for Kachana Samatondo at Sefula Special School (for vision impaired). It would be $240 x 3 times a year.

  • Major service on the Ford – up to $2000
  • Tyre for the Ford – $200
  • Internet – $150/month
  • Fuel – $300/month
  • Electricity for project – $200/month
  • Internet – $230/month
  • Salary for pre-school teacher – $3500/year (or any part of)
  • Feeding Assistant Tokens – $600/month
  • Insurance for the Project – $3500/year
  • Funding for Edward to attend an administrator’s course in Kenya – $600
  • 500 point of lay (chickens) – $5600 (or any part of)
  • Boar for breeding – $1500

We’d love you to be PRAYING for us too:

  • For families as the difficulties associated with the drought become their daily struggles.
  • For the health of our children as the weather gets colder. Lots of people around the project are suffering from colds and flus.
  • For our continuing building projects. The storeroom is 99% complete and we will begin moving Sishwati (our storeperson) in this week. Construction on three one bedroom flats is underway… the builder is preparing the ground for a foundation to be laid.
  • For a continued sense of ‘team’ to be developed amongst staff at the project.
  • For us (OVC Project Staff and Volunteers) to be a good reflection of the love and grace of Jesus to our children and the community.

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