Tony’s volunteer journal

Hi, my name is Tony & I’ve just returned from Mwandi in Zambia (Southern Africa) having spent the past month working on a project to provide clean drinking water to over 1500 school children with six other men from South Australia.  We built & installed six tanks and over 1.5 kms of pipe plus fitting 15 taps to replace an old bore with a large electric pump.

Installing a water tank

We also erected a new fence around additional land that has been given to the OVC for future expansion of the veggie garden.

Erecting a new fence

Installed over 1 km of piping from the river to the Agriculture project together with a new pump to provide additional water for the new fish farm which is expanding to provide additional food for the children & the village.

On our last day we repaired a bore in a nearby village that has not been working for a year, causing the women to collect water from theZambeziRiverand risk loosing their lives by crocodiles. To see their faces when once again their bore was fully operational brought tears to our eyes!

This is my third trip to Mwandi & I believe one of the most rewarding due to the work we carried out & completed.

The Lozi people have none of the normal acceptable facilities that we take for granted, however they always smile and get on with their lives! The Lord has given me a wonderful life & one I hope I can share with those not as fortunate to mine! If you have the time & inclination please think about volunteering & go to Mwandi!! The people will love you for it & thank you many times over & you will come home knowing you have contributed something that is very special!!!We all left Australia with mixed feelings as to the work involved but once we arrived the work seem to just come together!  I’m sure our Lord was involved in there!

God bless, Tony.

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