Jenny’s Journal

Jenny’s Journal

My name is Jenny.

I live in Pt Lincoln, South Australia. In July 2011, I and four others went to Mwandi for a month. In June 2012 i went back again for six weeks. The fact of knowing Fiona and her family [being from Pt Lincoln] did not prepare me for the experience and privilege of being there. My reflection on being back, is one of love, frustration, tears and laughter, all mixed together. This country has shown me the heights and depths of humanity, and tested me in a way, i find hard to explain.

[A Spiritual Journey].
It has shown me much about loving, caring, about resilience, renewal, appreciation, acceptance and gratitude. My time was mostly spent in the mornings with the pre school children. This in itself leaves many wonderful memories, along with getting to know the teachers, and their compassion
for the children, apart from their teaching skills. In the afternoons, many different tasks to be done, eg, painting, tidying library books, checking “stuff” in the containers, engraving tools, preparing craft work, visiting in the village, taking devotions, sharing life and stories with young mothers.
Visiting the new mum’s and sick children in hospital, etc etc.

The longer you are there, the longer you want to be there.
To have been able to rub shoulders with these beautiful people, to be part of their lives, to laugh, cry, play games, mourn with them, pray and study, was my privilege. They leave, FOOTPRINTS ON YOUR HEART.


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