Debs’ Journal

My life has not changed.  My weekdays are a mix of work, sleep and study.  On the weekends, I walk with friends, visit my adult children and love my dogs.  Quite ordinary.

Since my visit to Mwandi village in May 2013, and volunteer work at OVC, how I see life has changed.  I have a new lens.  My view of life has a new filter.  7 weeks back in Australia and I am constantly challenged.   My thinking, my conversations, my heart has been impacted.  It’s not fair, my thoughts scream!  How can people living on planet earth be experiencing such opposing lifestyles?  Who are we to sit in the comfort of the western world, knowing our friends in developing countries are struggling day to day to achieve the most basic human needs?

I had the best time in Mwandi.  I felt at ‘home’.  Welcomed.  My time with the child counsellors, Patricia, Mutinta and Giblet was inspiring, a privilege surrounded by laughter and tears.  My efforts in the sewing centre were matched by everything and more with the skills of Anna and the students.  Apart from the river, the dirt, the women selling fish, donkeys, shema, pumpkin leaves, Kandianna, were the children;  the most vulnerable of vulnerable.  Doing craft activities with 160 children is now on my resume and I am the queen of flour and water glue.  So much fun!

Love those kids! Ni itumezi.

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