Rebuilding after the fire

Rebuilding after the fire

Dear Friends

Greetings from Mwandi.

Can you believe it is December next week!!!  I cannot believe the year is already at an end.  Before we get madly involved in the Christmas rush at the project I wanted to write to everyone and firstly say thank you for all the help and support we have received from all around the world, and secondly to give you a brief update on where we are with the re-build and recovery effort.

From the photos that some of you may have seen you will know that last week we finished knocking the old storeroom down to slab level. After chipping off the finish layer on the slap it is clear that the slab is still sound and can be rebuilt on.  We have therefore finally submitted our insurance claim and await its processing.  While we are waiting for this we have been cutting up all the scrap metal to sell and will be cutting up the one unsalvageable container this week. We hope to rebuild the store room a little bigger and we are currently looking at the option of building a shed covering three containers which will give us more space to meet our growing needs as a project.


We are currently using the bakery as a temporary storeroom and Christopher our builder is extending it to give us the required capacity to store everything we need.  It is amazing how much we miss the space we had and the contents!   A classic example is that on Friday we lost 40 litres of milk that went sour. This is not because we can’t afford another freezer but because we have nowhere that we can actually fit another freezer at the moment. The boiling pot we use to make Nshima for the kids has also broken thanks to a power problem from ZESCO, we had a huge storm than knocked out a phase and burnt out a number of components on the pot’s circuit board.  Of course we could have fixed this if we still had the parts that were burnt in the fire, but now we have to wait for spares to come in from Lusaka if they have them.


The kids are also adjusting to a more frugal life.  Our entire stash of soccer balls was burnt in the fire and so the kids are making their own balls out of plastic to keep their soccer matches going.  The girls were using vines for skipping ropes.  It is in a way a good lesson for them to learn too.

That is about all from us just now, once we start building I will email again.  In the meantime thanks and blessings to you all for your prayers, help and donations to get us on our feet again, it is all helpful and deeply moving for us to know we have such an incredible network of support from across the world.


With Much Love


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