Introducing Katie Wallis…

Introducing Katie Wallis…

Hello, my name is Katie Wallis and I’m the new International Volunteer at The Project. I am 34-years-old and couldn’t be more excited to be having this adventure in Mwandi while all my friends back home (Australia) are busily getting married, having babies and buying houses!

At 34, life for me looks nothing like I imagined it would, but I am happier than I ever thought possible. I first visited Mwandi in 2007 with a group from my home church (Centenary Uniting Church, Brisbane) and it was a trip that changed my life forever. Seven years later I find that I am equally inspired by the work of the volunteers and staff at the OVC, and am beyond thrilled to be joining them in their mission.

I love music, writing, chocolate, God, hot chips and trashy TV… but not necessarily in that order. I am trying to live a simple life… to learn from those who choose generosity above possessions, and faith over fear.

Please shoot me a line to introduce yourself or come and visit me in Mwandi if it’s within your capability… I’d love to meet you on African soil!

I‘ll be doing a bunch of different things in my role over here – most notably, I’ll be the contact person for all of our international visitors and will be responsible for maintaining accountability to our financial partners. I will engage in some capacity building work with local staff… but mostly I hope to be able to stay out of the way and let our local staff continue doing what they do very well. My passion for creativity will undoubtedly spill out in this role, and I have several different ideas of small creative projects (music, art, writing) I would love to begin with the children… Some of which I hope could eventually become income generating activities for the project. At the moment I spend a lot of time watching and learning from the local team, and a lot of time trying to keep my feet clean! Life feels like a beautiful and unexpected gift, and I can only hope and pray that I continue to be open to the leading of God’s Spirit as my adventure here continues.

I blog at (you can subscribe to my blog through this page) or you can find me on Facebook and Twitter (Kt Marie Wallis). I had a book published in 2013 called ‘searching for something’. It’s a book of short stories (some gut-wrenching, some quite funny) from the travel adventures of my twenties, and Mwandi is featured amongst those stories. I don’t use capital letters in my writing generally – a reflection of both my maturity and ‘rage against the machine’ life philosophy – so i apologise if this offends you and ask that you please be my friend anyway.

Blessings to you wherever your journey finds you today…

kt xo

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