Debs’ Journal

My life has not changed.  My weekdays are a mix of work, sleep and study.  On the weekends, I walk with friends, visit my adult children and love my dogs.  Quite ordinary. Since my visit to Mwandi village in May 2013, and volunteer work at OVC, how I see life has changed.  I have a new lens.  My view of life has a new filter.  7 weeks back in Australia and I am constantly...

Mwandi UCZ Agriculture Project: Newsletter 2013

Mwandi UCZ Agriculture Project: Newsletter 2013 It is hard to believe that we are already more than half-way through 2013 already. In January the farm set out on an ambitious program for 2013. Our major decision driving this was to merge the farm and OVC project into a single entity that could be mutually supportive to each other, the farm providing produce and profit and the OVC providing administrative and logistical capacity. This we hope...

Newsletter No 55: April – June 2013

Newsletter No 55: April – June 2013 Dear Friends, I hope that you are well and having a great day. Winter has come, it has been a very different season this year, with cold winds, and with the lack of rain in our rainy season the sand drift with winds has been quite bad. I don’t remember it ever being this dry in July. We have surrounding countries already setting aside millions to help people on the Caprivi strip (Namibia)...

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