Jenny’s Journal

Jenny’s Journal My name is Jenny. I live in Pt Lincoln, South Australia. In July 2011, I and four others went to Mwandi for a month. In June 2012 i went back again for six weeks. The fact of knowing Fiona and her family [being from Pt Lincoln] did not prepare me for the experience and privilege of being there. My reflection on being back, is one of love, frustration, tears and laughter, all mixed...

Bevan’s Journal

Bevan’s Journal “T’is Bevan here. Have completed a year of mission study going into communities including aboriginal, East Timor and African ( Mwandi). It has been my conclusion that there are no bigger needs anywhere in the world than those at your own back door, where ever that might be. The issues are not ones of need but of ability to meet those needs. Meeting the needs of my community seems so...

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